Songs for Voice with Lyra Viol
from the first half of the 17th century

Transcriptions and Critical Edition

There are close to 30 songs for a single voice with a single viol as accompaniment and all but one employ the viol in its normal tuning. Some are songs that were known and loved in other settings (such as music by Guilio Caccini or John Dowland), and others are unica, that do not appear to exist in any other known versions. Most are for a treble voice, but several exploit unusually large and/or particularly low ranges. There are remarkably few additional songs where a viol is necessary in scordatura, or where the lyra viol is part of a larger continuo team. This anthology contains everything that I know of for the single voice + viol in a normal tuning combination.

The compilation is 124 pages in total: including preface, critical commentary and 108 pages of music. It is offered as a pdf download, sent on payment using Paypal - see instructions, below. All pieces in the volume have been transcribed with the viol parts in both tablature, and staff notation. And Hume’s pieces are offered in two settings—for both G and D tunings (with the staff notation parts adjusted to suit identical tablature fingering on the two different sizes). The table of contents and a sample piece may be viewed by clicking the links, below.

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Cover image: Wallerant Vaillant, Girl with a viola da gamba, c1658-77. Rijksmuseum, public domain (image flipped)