This page is an e-list - a resource of email and website addresses for period instrument societies, festivals, museums and players. I make no claim for it being a complete guide, but I do try to keep it up-to-date. If you would like to suggest something for inclusion or correction, please send me an email.


Dmitry Badiarov - Viola da braccio research
Horacio Bollini - Ensemble Ste. Colombe
Szilárd Chereji - Hungarian viola da gamba website
Jerry Fuller - Double Bass and Violone Internet Archive
Thomas Georgi - Hidden World of the Viola d'Amore
Laury Gutierrez - La Donna Musicale
John Edwards & Hallie Fishel - The Musicians in Ordinary
Annette Otterstedt and Hans Reiners
Igor Pecevski - Viennese Tuning website
John Mark Rozendaal
David Saphra - Lyra Viol's Alive


American Musical Instrument Society
American Recorder Society
British Harpsichord Society
Canadian Viol Players

Catgut Acoustical Society
Early Music America
Early Music Guild, Seattle
Galpin Society
International Society of Bassists
Lute Society of America
San Diego Early Music Society
San Francisco Early Music Society
Société Française de Viole (France)
Society for Seventeenth Century Music
Viola da Gamba Geselllschaft (Switzerland)
Viola da Gamba Society of Australia
Viola da Gamba Society of America
Viola da Gamba Society of Great Britain
Viola da Gamba Society of Japan
Viola da Gamba Foundation of the Netherlands


Amherst Early Music Festival
Baroque Performance Institute, Oberlin
Berkeley Festival and Exhibition
Bloomington Early Music Festival
Boston Early Music Festival
Connecticut Early Music Festival
Early Music Institute, Indiana University
Early Music Vancouver
Holland Festival Early Music Utrecht
Indianapolis Early Music Festival
International Baroque Institute, Longy School of Music
Madison Early Music Festival
Pinewoods Early Music Week
Renaissance Workshop
San Francisco Early Music Society Summer Early Music Workshops
Scotia Festival


Deutsches Museum, Munich
Edinburgh University Collection of Historic Musical Instruments
Fiske Museum, Claremont, CA
Gemeentemuseum, The Hague
Historisches Museum, Basel
Horniman Museum, London
International Directory of Musical Instrument Collections
Kloster Michaelstein, Germany
Library of Congress Collections of Instruments
The Louvre, France
Metropolitan Museum (New York) Musical Instrument Collection
Musée de la Musique, Paris
Museum of Musical Instruments, Brussels
Museum of Musical Instruments, St. Petersberg
Musikinstrumenten-Museum, Leipzig
Musikinstrumentenmuseum Markneukirchen
Musikmuseet, Stockholm
National Music Museum (formerly called "Shrine to Music")
Nydahl Collection, Stockholm
Orpheon - Museum of Historical Musical Instruments, Vienna
Ringve Museum, Trondheim
Technical Drawings of Musical Instruments
Web Gallery of Art
Yale University Collection of Musical Instruments