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Cello and Bass Violin Articles:

Here is a selection of articles concerning not just the cello and bass violin, but a variety of other bowed string instruments. I think these publications - some of them are extremely fine - will likely be of interest to many string players, not just cellists.

  • Adelmann, Olga and Otterstedt, Annette. Die Alemannische Schule: Geigenbau des 17. Jahrhunderts im sudlichen Schwartzwald und in der Schweiz. Staatliches Institut fur Musikforschung, 1997
  • Arnold, Denis. Con Ogni Sorte di Stromenti. EM 4, 1976
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  • Kory, Agnes. A Wider Role for the Tenor Violin? GSJ XXXXVII, 1994
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  • Selfridge-Field, Eleanor. Bassano and the Orchestra of St. Mark's. EM 4, 1976
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